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The Return of Memory” group show

In the history of the Bolshevik coup it is one of the iconic, sacred sites of revolutionary mythology. In the summer of 1917, Lenin, while hiding under the guise of Finnish haymakers with his associate Zinoviev (subsequently repressed and shot), wrote his book “The State and the Revolution” while living in a hut. They were both sent to Finland in early August, and it was not until the eve of the October coup that Lenin returned to Petrograd. During Soviet times a granite memorial hut and museum were built on the shore of Lake Razliv. The place is still popular with tourists, and communists often hold rallies there. By interpreting the image associated with the October Revolution, the author examines the state in which someone, in plain sight and yet in hiding, prepares the events which prefigured the history of twentieth-century Russia.

Photo: Lee Baxter and Irina Korina.


At the Exhibition “sans (t)rêve te sans merci,” 2019. Cube, Moscow, Russia.