Good Intentions
Arsenale, Venice, Italy
Main project of the 57th Venice Biennale “Viva Arte Viva” (curated by Christine Macel)

Looking both at tradition and change, Irina Korina’s works are fictional journeys through the changing landscape of contemporary Russia. In the Biennale, she creates an immersive environment. Her installation circles a construction site zone, bringing the outside inside. Using corrugated metal, a construction material often used by Korina in her installations and two staircases confine a space featuring artificial materials, flower arrangements, and LED light mixtures. These elements are reminiscent of the growing cult revering the fallen soldiers in Russia. The animal print on the banner fabric shows the connection between pagan prehistorical cave graphics, animal skins and the origins of the exploitation of these motives by luxury fashion brans. This fictional cell is a dead-end where rich and poor materials mix, mimicking the conflicting correlation between theatre and life, politics and society.

Photo: Alexey Narodizkiy