The Lotus Shelter
Zarya Center for contemporary art, Vladivostok, Russia
Group show “Her” curated by Oxana Sarkisyan

A tent shelter covered with a paper awning. The tent model refers to the image of a temple or chapel. The ideology of war and counteraction that is broadcasted today just like it was done a hundred years ago appears to be ephemeral when it is used for planing the future. The chaos caused by many trees growing out of the paper chapel breaks the delicate foundations. There is only weed, nameless graves and impersonal monuments left in place of yesterday’s heroes, victories and defeats?

Photo: Irina Korina

“Lotus Shelter” at the group show “Reconciliation Here” curated by Yulia Grachikova, 2017, Gallery “Zdes na Taganke”

Photo: Anastasia Soboleva